Empathy in Education: The New Norm?

As you read this, someone somewhere is dealing with job loss, an unearthing shift in mandate, or the loss of a loved one. Among all of this, millions of folks directly involved in education are scrambling for some form of normalcy.

As a physical and health education professional working to support teachers in Canada, this current global situation has not been easy to navigate. In the small window I have been able to see through, this is what I have noticed.

With this turbulence has come a groundswell of empathy across all sectors in Canada. Governments are stripping away ego’s. Teachers are deepening their support for others and there is a real sense of empathy over urgency sweeping the nation. From an education standpoint, student well-being is finally becoming the focal point of outward conversations and an “all hands on deck” approach is being taken between parents, teachers and the education system as a whole to support physical activity and well-being (hey – it may not always include PE, but let’s take the wins where we can).

As we move forward towards the unknown – AKA home learning for all K-12 students across North America – I encourage everyone to continue to express empathy wherever and whenever possible. 

Lend a hand to a fellow pedagog. 

Share your website resources for free. 

Reach out and send a virtual hug. 

Do a weekly empathy check-in with your team.

We must be well to teach well and at this point in humanity, that directly includes parents as well. With this in mind, I would encourage that we do the same for them regardless of which subject area we teach and where our job descriptions as educators start and stop.

Be kind. 

Be empathetic. 

Be well.

We will all get through this.

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