Prioritizing Physical and Mental Health

We are living in difficult times. Our whole lives have seen dramatic changes around the world and yet, life goes on and we are thankful for that.

Some of us might live in countries and continents that are far away from our loved ones, from our families and friends. 

This pandemic has reached almost the whole world, charging and hitting with fierce in some countries, one of them mine, Spain.

I am aware of the danger and at the same time grateful that my family is okay. They have been in isolation for a few weeks now, my parents not leaving the house and getting the groceries they need from my siblings who thankfully live close by. 

Physical and mental health have proved to be essential in these difficult times, but, how? 

  • Creating and maintaining a routine 
  • Finding ways to move with what we have, sometimes in very limited spaces
  • Prioritizing a healthy diet 
  • Drinking lots of water throughout the day
  • Sleeping enough hours (at least 8)
  • Being aware of the time we spend working 
  • Finding a goal, perhaps a challenge to keep us excited about something
  • Thinking of others and how to help them
  • Offering own talents to others who could need them
  • Living in the present, focusing on the future
  • Having empathy with self and others
  • Maintaining positive energy that inspires others
  • Being grateful and thankful for what we have 
  • Finding ways to adapt to the new normal
  • Being creative, maintaining the relationships and being patient

These are lots of ideas and I am sure that you are already doing many of them, but, what about others? What about your family? Do they know?

Living 10,700 km away from my family it’s pretty scary in these times that many flights have been canceled and it’s not a good time to travel. I am connected to them in different ways and can easily reach them in case I’d need it. You might be in a similar situation.

As I mentioned, my parents are ok, but they are in their 70s and they need to move as we all do.

I suggested different things for them to do: Tai-chi, stretching exercises, walk…but they were barely moving. I wasn’t sure how to convince them being so far but knew that physical activity will definitely help and then it hit me. A challenge!  

In secret, I reached to my siblings (4) and all of us started sharing different physical activities we do every day through WhatsApp. I have to confess that I allowed my siblings to share “fake ones” if they didn’t have the time to do it. My parents were my target #1. Guess what? It worked! 

Last week my mom was doing less than 4000 steps per day. 2 days ago she reached the 10,000 again and we are now challenging her and my dad to do 12,000! 

And you? How are you going to maintain your physical and mental health?

Thanks for reading!

Stay positive!

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