Three Foodie Books to Read in 2023

Although this site is predominantly for health teachers seeking to share ideas and learn from each other, I occasionally feature blog posts on different topics, with book recommendations being one of them. This review of my favorite health text remains popular, I have featured books from people I know personally, my annual #summerreads posts are fun to share, and of …

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Book of the Month

Each month #slowchathealth highlights a book of the month. Sometimes this will be chosen by myself but usually it will be based upon the recommendations of my PLN. Each month the blog post is updated so that the most recent book of the month is featured BUT you can find ALL of the books in this Amazon list.

Book Club

Slowchathealth is venturing into something new, and exploring another social media platform. Up until now you have found us at, and you may have seen the fundraising initiative that raises money for health and physical teachers via If you are on Instagram you may have stumbled across this account, and if you can't …

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