The #slowchathealth blog is meant to be the voice of health educators and as such, guest bloggers are always welcome. To date, our guests bloggers have been:

Shaun Bowes (Australia) – “Health Literacy

Jessica Lawrence (USA) – “No More Cupcakes for Birthday Parties?” AND “Confident Me

Eric Conrad (USA) – “Moving Beyond the Silos

Scott Todnem (USA) – “Three Simple Things

Claudia Brown (USA) – “Practice Makes Perfect

Georgia Dougherty (New Zealand) – “Te Whare Tapa Whā” and “Mental Health ≠ Mental Illness”

Jim Davis (USA) – “Triple Salchows, Accurate Looking, and the Role of Exercise in Concussion” AND “Understanding Stress

Caroline eHealthInformer (USA) – “How to Reduce Student Stress

Andy Horne (USA) – “The Neglected Heart” AND “Helping Students Improve Their Health Literacy

Anonymous (USA) – “Spreading Positivity

Brian Griffith (USA) – “Effective Video Integration in Health Education

Pat Coleman (Australia) – “Digital Breakout

Danielle Petrucci (USA) – “The Future of Food: A Green Revolution” AND “Increasing Student Self-Esteem in a Media Saturated Society

Mike Kuczala (USA) – “Being Physically Active in Content Review

Christine Murray & Joanna Wolk (USA) – “Why Become National Certified in Health Education?

Kathleen Shannon (USA) – “Food Allergy Awareness Month

Caroline Black (USA) – “5 Ways to De-Stress at Work

Nicole Collins (USA) – “Give Students Language

Levi Todd (USA) – “Between Friends

Rachel Erb (USA) – “Operation Make Someone Smile

Tammy Wynard (USA) – “ACE’s and TIP’s

Jamie Sparks (USA) – “Advocacy

@Between_Friends (USA) – “Adults Listen Up

@GenderSpectrum (USA) – ‘Life-Affirming for All, Life-Saving for Some

Celia Fleck (New Zealand) – ‘Love, Hope and Peace‘.

Stephanie Ferri (USA) – ‘To Be Anti-Porn, Or Not To Be, That Is The Question.

Allisha Blanchette (USA) – ‘Cell Phones in the Class?’

Alex Bocian (USA) – ‘Three Things to Know About Service Dogs

Kathy Brophy (USA) – ‘Thanks for the Catch

Kim Comatas (USA) – ‘Consent

Stephanie Kelln (USA) – ‘Put on Your Own Mask: Secondary Trauma in Education

Olivia Starr (USA) – ‘Teen Pregnancy Rate – Increasing or Decreasing?

Leah Lipschitz (USA) – ‘Practical Mindfulness

Amy Prior (USA) – ‘Building Your Health Curriculum

Dr. Lea Lis (USA) – ‘Childhood Crush – Can It Be Love?

Isabell Gaylord (USA) – ‘10 Health and Well-being Perks of Journaling for Teenagers

Shafia Zaloom (USA) – ‘Teaching Consent

Drew Miller (USA) – ‘Rethinking the way we talk about nutrition, body size and health

Anonymous (USA) – ‘Fear

Sarah Chap (USA) – ‘Self-Management

Carlos Andrés Gómez (USA) – ‘Do Not Confuse or Conflate

Maria Schneider (USA) – ‘Breathing Life into Health Skill 8: A Twist on the Traditional Field Day

Emily Zien (USA) – ‘Goal Setting in the Pandemic

Anna Marriott (USA) – ‘Golden Egg

Allisha Blanchette (USA) – ‘Starting a Purposeful Practice of EDI’

Kevin Shephard (USA) – ‘Words Matter’

Dr. Ina Park (USA) – ‘How can we #stopSTIgma?

Kirsten Gonzales (USA) – ‘How to Empower Students with Mindful Nutrition at Home’

Matthew Bassett (USA) – ‘Dear Parents

Dr. Kim Morton (USA) – ‘Sticky Learning Strategies

Duncan Van Dusen (USA) – ‘3 Crucial Jobs for PE Teachers that Aren’t in the Job Description

Jessica Matheson (USA) – ‘Call to Action : Women Sports

Candor Health Education & Sandi Metcalfe (USA) – ‘The Power of Positive Self-Talk

Candor Health Education & Liz Garcia (USA) – ‘Teach Mental Health Now for Skills Later

Candor Health Education & Terence Hodges (USA) – ‘Teaching Sex Education to Young People With Disabilities

Candor Health Education & Eleanor Evins (USA) – ‘Disposable Menstrual Products: Impact & Alternatives’

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