Guest Bloggers

The #slowchathealth blog is meant to be the voice of health educators and as such, guest bloggers are always welcome. To date, our guests bloggers have been:

Shaun Bowes (Australia) – “Health Literacy

Jessica Lawrence (USA) – “No More Cupcakes for Birthday Parties?” AND “Confident Me

Eric Conrad (USA) – “Moving Beyond the Silos

Scott Todnem (USA) – “Three Simple Things

Claudia Brown (USA) – “Practice Makes Perfect

Georgia Dougherty (New Zealand) – “Te Whare Tapa Whā

Jim Davis (USA) – “Triple Salchows, Accurate Looking, and the Role of Exercise in Concussion

Caroline eHealthInformer (USA) – “How to Reduce Student Stress

Andy Horne (USA) – “The Neglected Heart” AND “Helping Students Improve Their Health Literacy

Anonymous (USA) – “Spreading Positivity

Brian Griffith (USA) – “Effective Video Integration in Health Education

Pat Coleman (Australia) – “Digital Breakout

Danielle Petrucci (USA) – “The Future of Food: A Green Revolution”

If you are interested in submitting a guest blog post please contact me at