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I recently discovered Podcast Brunch Club, which is like a book club but for podcasts. Each month they collate a themed playlist of podcasts and provide discussion questions to help you discuss your thoughts. Some recent themes of note have included:

Each episode also comes with a cool Spotify playlist, which you know I love doing, and to make things easier you can sign up to receive their newsletter.

Essential Listening for #Healthed Teachers: October 2017 Podcast Playlist

Regular readers of this blog know that my 70 minute commute to work allows me to avidly consume podcasts and I have previously blogged about my aural addiction. Although the genres are pretty varied, recently I’ve been checking out podcasts aimed at kids, I am often frustrated at the lack of podcast episodes that speak directly to us as health teachers. Having said that, there have been some real gems that I have shared online and even gone back for a second listen.

NPR’s Code Switch Podcast: Being ‘Outdoorsy’ When You’re Black Or Brown

I love this podcast as it really makes me think about issues of social justice, but this early episode from them brought up a topic that I had never considered. As health teachers we want our students to be health literate and to make healthy choices and we know that the influence of others, and the concept of perception vs reality can have a powerful effect on our behavior. This episode highlights that people of color aren’t heading to national parks. In fact, according to the National Park Service, last year about 80 percent of all national parks visitors, volunteers and staff were white. There are organizations attempting to address this, but there are some powerful takeaways for health and PE teachers regarding how free our students and their families are when it comes to feeling comfortable in the outdoors.

Harvard Public Health Podcast: An Invisible Evil

This is the podcast episode that I was waiting for Code Switch to record, but instead it came from the excellent weekly podcast from Harvard Chan. In this episode they examine how long-standing institutions and policies affect health disparities—and what can be done to change this. As we strive to encourage our students to become global citizens it is important that they are able to identify disparities between communities and advocate for their eradication. Our students must be comfortable speaking out when they hear facts such as

A black mother in New York City is four times more likely to die during childbirth than a white mother. And nationally the infant mortality rate for non-Latino blacks is more than two* times the rate for white infants.

Wow in the World : Back-To-School – Recess 101

This is a podcast from NPR targeting kids and my 5 year old enjoys it. In this episode the hosts discuss “How in the world does recess make us smarter? Where in the world do kids enjoy the most of it?” As we are taken on an expedition to better understand the science of taking a break, the theory behind the benefits of movement and how it helps us learn is presented in a way that allows younger students to digest and hopefully share with their peers, parents and teachers. I maintain that if we do our jobs properly as teachers and deliver great lessons that empower our students to navigate their health and physical literacy journeys we will essentially turn them into an army of advocates. When they hear of their peers being given second rate instruction they will feel more confident in advocating for an improvement in the situation.

This podcast also shares additional resources and conversation starters from each episode.*

Global Physed Voxcast: Helping Students Improve Their Health Literacy

A podcast created by our community, for our community and one in which I have been personally involved. In this episode my good friend, and co-worker Andy Horne presents a 10 minute justification on why we must move away from content-based instruction and towards skills-based instruction as we better prepare our students to develop their health literacy. This is the podcast that you need to share with those who could benefit from bringing their health education instruction into the 21st century!

Conversation Starters about The Essential Listening for #Healthed Teachers Playlist:

  • What is your relationship with the outdoors and had you ever considered the perspective of other races when it comes to recreation?
  • To what extent do you agree with the comment “If you don’t feel part of the outdoorsy ethos, it’s easy to feel that you don’t belong”.
  • When recreating in the outdoors, how often do you think of those in history that have visited the place in which you are standing?


  • Interpersonal racism is easier to recognize than structural racism. How aware are you of structural racism?
  • How has social media coverage over the past year made you more aware of white supremacy?
  • How comfortable are you in discussing issue of race with your students?
  • What methods have you used to raise awareness of the social determinants of health with your students?


  • *Schools in Finland take 15 minutes of recess for every 45 minutes of learning. How does your school (or homeschool) compare with a Finnish school?
  • Based on what you learned in the episode design your own perfect school day with breaks for recess and learning times.
  • Do your adults work a lot? Why don’t you share what you learned in the episode and have them see if taking regular breaks to move around makes their work day better.
  • Do an experiment the next time you are reading or doing homework. After 30-45 minutes, take a 15 minute break to play and move around. When you get back to work see if you feel more able to concentrate. What kinds of activities are the best for your breaks?


  • Andy Horne delivers his classes in unique ways. What is the most unique thing about your teaching?
  • How do you advocate for #healthed? Have you seen these advocacy tools from SHAPE America?
  • Consider your #healthed curriculum. What is the ratio of content to skills?

DJ Milneshine’s Music Playlist

Take your thinking cap off and put your dancing shoes on! Our very own DJ Milneshine put together this “#Healthed” music playlist especially for #slowchathealth.


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