Podcast & Chill IV

Podcasts as a medium continue to flourish and there’s more content for the #HealthEd teacher than ever before. I should know, I get to listen to 70 minutes worth of podcast audio on my commute to school every morning!

I’ve previously shared Podcast & Chill Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3, posts inspired by the good people at Podcast Brunch Club, (think book club but for podcasts). In each post I shared my Essential Podcast Listening for #Healthed Teachers, a collation of #HealthEd related material that might have passed you by.  I also shared a pair of cool Spotify playlists, which you know I love doing. The blogs have proven to be such popular posts that they are now joined by Podcast & Chill Part IV.

And so, again in the style of Podcast Brunch Club here is a themed playlist of podcasts that I have enjoyed recently that will be of particular interest to health teachers plus I’ve included questions to help you discuss your thoughts.

The Abortion Wars (The Daily) : (28 minutes & 30 minutes)

According to the Guttmacher Institute, twenty-one abortion restrictions have been enacted across the U.S. this year. In this two-part series, The Daily podcast explores how two neighboring states in the Midwest are moving in opposite directions: Missouri is taking action to end abortion access, while Illinois is trying to preserve it. Although I doubt you are able to spend much time talking about abortion in your classroom, I do think that you’ll find this podcast interesting as the hosts explore what those changes look like on the ground. Their HIV/AIDS episode and their measles episode will also be of interest.

Shout out to Chris Pepper for getting me onto The Daily podcast. It’s twenty minutes a day, five days a week, hosted by Michael Barbaro and powered by New York Times journalism. Along a similar vein is Up First from NPR.

Find out more about abortion services provision in your state.

What is Sex (Gimlet) : (37 minutes)

The host opens the episode with “You know, it’s a GREAT question. How can you die from rubbing your butt against someone else’s butt? I feel like it really captures the flavor of bafflement that comes with the first stages of learning about sex. Try explaining sex to someone who’s never heard of it, and it all sounds highly unlikely.” I think the nine year old me thought the same thing about rubbing butts.

The Cut on Tuesdays brings you women’s voices on culture, style, sex, politics, and people. In this show, the hosts return to the dawn of sexual knowledge. What is sex? For all of us, there was a time when we did not know… and Molly Fischer wanted very much to find out. So in this episode they put the question to their friends, their colleagues, their listeners. Looking back on their sexual educations and miseducations, what were some of the earliest answers they found?

If this tweet from Scott Todnem, the new SHAPE America Health Teacher of the Year resonated with you, you’ll LOVE this episode. Oh, and Scott has his own podcast too. Check it out!

Let’s Talk About Porn (Six Minute Sex Ed) : (6 minutes)

From Chicago-based sex educator, Kim Cavill, Six Minute Sex Ed is a weekly 6 minute podcast that helps families talk openly about sex and relationships. There are two levels of episode –  Level one episodes are for younger listeners, Level Two episodes are for tweens and teens. Six Minute Sex Ed is inclusive, informative, and sex positive.

Let’s Talk About Porn is a Level 2 episode and is the perfect complement to the recent guest blog post  “To be anti-porn, or not to be, that is the question” from Stephanie Ferri. Kim sets up three great questions and gives very good advice for families to have educated conversations regarding pornography.

You might also like Porn Ed – The Science of Sex Ed podcast.

Listen Like It’s Your First Date (The Science of Happiness) : (28 minutes)

One of my goals for the summer is to hone my ‘communication’ lessons for health class. While the delivery aspect of my communication lessons is strong, I want to beef up the receiving part, focusing on listening. This podcast episode from The Science of Happiness (via The Greater Good Magazine) focuses on listening as their ‘guinea pig’ Tanzina Vega embarks on some exercises to promote old school listening. Scroll to 11 minutes in to this episode.

I feel like we’re more connected  “in some way”s and [yet] we’re so much more “disconnected from each other”. I think about all these trends in loneliness and everything else and I just think about, how often is it that we’re able to sit down and
really understand somebody and to have moments of vulnerability.

The discussion between the host and guest is powerful as they consider who in society is heard, and who’s voice is considered less powerful. Who would have thought that a communication exercise could turn into a powerful social justice conversation? The episode finishes with revealing the differences between providing nonverbal feedback, verbal feedback, and finally the power of a ‘full blown active listening response.’ Your communication lessons will never be the same.

Learn more about active listening in this 10 minute exercise from Greater Good in Action.

In my pursuit of better listening skills I also intend to check out the Running With Mindfulness podcast interview between Dale Sidebottom and William Pullen as I’m intrigued by Pullen’s idea of ’empathy runs/walks’ which I plan on trying in class next year.

Conversation Starters about The Essential Listening for #Healthed Teachers Playlist:

  • To what extent are you able to discuss abortion in your health classroom? Would you change that if you could?
  • The recent twenty-one abortion restrictions enacted across the U.S. this year are as a result of the current (and impending) political climate. In what ways do you incorporate political discussions into your teaching?


  • What questions/misperceptions do your students arrive to health class with?
  • How do you incorporate anonymous questioning into your teaching?
  • Do you see differences in student sexual health knowledge based on their sender school? How are you seeking to address this?



  • Thinking about your communication lessons, how much emphasis do you place on listening and is this something that you assess?
  • Do you have any communication resources that you can share with other teachers? Please consider posting them on social media using the #slowchathealth hashtag.

DJ Milneshine’s Music Playlist

Take your thinking cap off and put your dancing shoes on! Our very own DJ Milneshine put together this “#Healthed” music playlist especially for #slowchathealth. (NSFW)



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