Podcast & Chill Part 3

You don’t have time to seek out new podcasts, I get it. Well, I do have time during my 70 minute commute. And that’s on a good day!

I’ve previously shared Podcast & Chill Part 1 and Part 2, two posts inspired by the good people at Podcast Brunch Club, (think book club but for podcasts). In both posts I shared my Essential Podcast Listening for #Healthed Teachers, a collation of #HealthEd related material that might have passed you by.  I also shared a pair of cool Spotify playlists, which you know I love doing. The blogs have proven to be such popular post that they are now joined by Podcast & Chill Part 3.

And so, again in the style of Podcast Brunch Club here is a themed playlist of podcasts that I have enjoyed recently that will be of particular interest to health teachers plus I’ve included questions to help you discuss your thoughts.

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TED Radio Hour: The Food We Eat (54 minutes 14 seconds)

One of the most-downloaded podcasts in the United States, TED Radio Hour is the podcast that that takes listeners on a journey through the world of ideas. In this episode Guy Raz guides listeners as TED speakers explore our deep connection to food, and where it’s headed.

In this motivational podcast you’ll hear about a village which grows food in public spaces, the way the American diet has changed over time, the factors shaping our perception of the ‘perfect meal’, and the likelihood of you eating insects intentionally or otherwise. Advocacy, analyzing influence, and decision-making skills could all be woven into lessons based around this podcast.

Tony Robbins Podcast: Obsessions, Addictions and Compulsions (43 minutes 11 seconds)

“Did you know that the average American checks email within 6 seconds of arriving at work? Or that 75% of adults say they spend the entire day within an arm’s reach of their phones?”

TED presenter Adam Alter wrote Irresistible, the “groundbreaking book” that was our #slowchathealth Book of the Month for June and will open your eyes to our obsession with likes, retweets and endless online surfing. This very readable book explains why our tech devices are intentionally irresistible, but importantly shows us how we can harness these addictive products for good. In this engrossing podcast Alter  delves into the many ways our smartphones have become obsessive addictions. He looks at how technology is precluding us from having a balanced life, and the serious implications this has on our social interactions with others and our capacity for compassion, empathy and connection.

If you value the health and happiness of your family and students you will want to read this book and check out the podcast.

Hidden Brain: Man Up (42 minutes 30 seconds)

“My collaborators and I argue that the male gender role itself is kind of conceptualized as a precarious status. Manhood is something that is hard to earn and easy to lose, relative to womanhood.”

In this episode of Hidden Brain, they explore the bounds of masculinity. What behaviors do men consider to be too feminine, and therefore off limits? And how can men be convinced to question those boundaries? I really liked the way that they framed this discussion and there are definitely snippets of information that you can use in #HealthEd discussions on self-image.

Life Is The Future: Meeting Our First Hosts (11 minutes 33 seconds)

The #PhysEd community has its share of podcasts thanks to the likes of Joey Feith, Nathan Horne, Andy Hair, Jorge Rodriguez, Andy Vasily, Ryan Ellis, Jarrod Robinson, Carl Cundliffe and Adam Llevo. However, the #HealthEd community has been slow to embrace the medium, and so from out of the darkness comes SHAPE America Mid West Health Teacher of the Year Scott Todnem. You’ve seen his You Tube vlogs, you’ve read his blog and you may have caught him in the flesh at a number of conferences this year. Now he has launched a podcast that will be less about him, and more about his middle school health students.

If you’ve podcasted with your students, or wish you were brave enough to do so, then you should check out this bite-sized creation from Scott’s students. Episode two is also available in which the hosts discuss gender and social media. 

Conversation Starters about The Essential Listening for #Healthed Teachers Playlist:

  • Do you or anyone else in your building grow food with your students? [see this great example]
  • Have you ever analyzed the influences affecting your nutritional choices or those of your students? [Here’s a great place to start]
  • Would you consider adding insects to your diet? Why/why not?
  • With many schools spending much needed funds on putting devices in the hands of all students, how should they walk the line between promoting the use of technology without encouraging behavioral addictions?
  • Assuming that many students come to us with scree/social media behavioral addictions, how can we best teach and support students to balance appropriate, healthy use of technology?
  • With corporations designing tech to be more immersive, more realistic, increasingly addictive and with early signs pointing to a crisis, how confident are you that we can have a healthy relationship with tech in the future?
  • What are your thoughts about the comment “Manhood is something that is hard to earn and easy to lose?”
  • Have you considered the perception of certain occupations being gender-specific? Is a career in education seen as gender-specific?

DJ Milneshine’s Music Playlist

Take your thinking cap off and put your dancing shoes on! Our very own DJ Milneshine put together this “#Healthed” music playlist especially for #slowchathealth.

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