While You Were Away

This week’s blog post is an update of what you might have missed over the summer. It has recommendations for podcasts to check out, blog posts you might have missed, and some great links for professional development opportunities….and it’s available in magazine format.

Download this week’s #slowchathealth blog post in interactive digital magazine format here.

I wanted to try something new this week while I was teaching myself how to use the awesome graphic-design tool website Canva. It’s free, easy, and my students have had a lot of success designing advocacy posters and flyers with it. It’s also available as an app as well as being a website.

You can click this link and open it in any PDF reader on a Kindle, iPad, computer etc and access all of the live links. I’ll paste an image of the magazine below, but I urge you to check out the interactive magazine version. It was simple to create and might be a great way for you to create packets and eBooks with your students. As always, your feedback is appreciated.Slowchathealth Magazine 1.jpg

Slowchathealth Magazine 1 (1).jpg

Slowchathealth Magazine 1 (2).jpg

Slowchathealth Magazine 1 (3).jpg

Slowchathealth Magazine 1 (4).jpg

Slowchathealth Magazine 1 (5).jpg

Slowchathealth Magazine 1 (6).jpg

6 thoughts on “While You Were Away

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