Break Fast

You should see the look on my students faces when I explain that ‘breakfast’ is literally ‘breaking the fast’. I imagine that they’ll forget most of what we learn in class, but they’ll remember that one fact.

I teach about nutrition in #healthed class with my message being that what we eat and drink can improve our performance in class, on the sports field, on stage and generally make us function more effectively. When I share the ‘breaking a fast’ fact it blows some of their minds. They had never considered the meaning of the word, or the role that eating a breakfast plays in our day to day life.

Breakfast kick starts our metabolism and helps us burn more calories throughout the day. Consuming a healthy breakfast means that we feel fuller and are less likely to reach for snacks in the morning.

Studies have shown that hungry students are more likely to have attention problems, they will have slower memory, behavior issues and lower test scores. Now consider which of our students are more likely to come to school hungry and you’ve opened your eyes to a social justice issue that many students are dealing with. Research shows that in the US 15 million children live in food insecure households.

I’ve created a digital version of the #slowchathealth blog post before and here’s another one. I’ve collated five of my favorite breakfast recipes, put them together using Canva and pushing them out in digital format. I’ve shared two pages below, but if you want all five recipes you’ll have to access them below:

PDF version

ISSUU Publication



If you make any of these recipes, please let me know. Also, if you have any other oat-based recipes feel free to share them with me. Additionally, if you follow any accounts on Twitter that promote the value of breakfast I’d love to hear about them. As of now @fractweets is the only one that I’m following.

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