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I’ve blogged before about how there are so many free professional development opportunities out there for teachers nowadays. Nearly all of which can be accessed in your own time, without spending a dime. I thought it would be useful to collate some of those links all on one page so that it might act as a one stop shop for health teachers seeking inspiration.

physedagogy-iconThe Physedagogy Physed Summits continue to be a leader among our profession and have actively encouraged the health community to join in with their movement. At the most recent summit Claudia Brown, Gary Lemke, Mary McCarley and Amy Lauren Smith (check out her blog) all presented outstanding health sessions.

Andy Horne and I cut our webinar teeth during Physed Summit 3.0

4603e_11154736We can thank two members of Team Physedagogy for another awesome series of health professional development resources, namely the Shape America podcasts. Growing from strength to strength this podcast continues to raise the profile of health education. Matt Pomeroy and Collin Brooks are the co-hosts that do a great job!

Health Literacy Part 1 with Claudia Brown and Health TOY Melanie Lynch

Health Literacy Part 2 with Claudia Brown and Melanie Lynch

Health Education Part 1 with Jeff Bartlett, Andy Horne and Andy Milne

Health Education Part 2 with Jeff Bartlett, Andy Horne and Andy Milne

Health Education Part 3 with Jeff Bartlett, Andy Horne and Andy Milne

Skills Based Health Education with Dr Sarah Benes & Dr Holly Alperin

spark2SPARK push out great, and varied webinar content and have also shown a lot of love towards health education. They are hosted by Naomi Hartl. You can access all of their webinars via their site, or app.

Ignite YOUR Health Education with Amy Prior (recorded the audio only)

4603e_11554944Back to podcasts for our final list of easy to access resources and it’s a big thank you to my good friend Jorge Rodriguez for his Global Physed Voxcast. Again, his output is varied and is supported by Physedagogy – you can access the back catalog via their website. The Voxcast has also taken Justin Schleider‘s Blabbermouths webinar/podcast under it’s wing (check out the awesome Social Justice episodes with Dr Martha James-Hassan.)

Mindfulness with Neila Steele

Health Education with Andy Milne

International Podcast Day (Views of health from kids across the world) with Andy Milne

For a more comprehensive list of podcasts, including those created by teachers, for teachers, check out this earlier #slowchathealth blog post on my podcast addiction.

SHAPE America members can also check out the latest Toolbox for Health teachers on their website. Yet another membership benefit!

If you are a health teacher looking to connect with other health teachers, there are two Voxer chats that you might be interested in. There is a general health education chat, and also a skill-based health education chat. Click on either link to enter the conversation.

If you are on Twitter, and looking to connect with others that tweet about #healthed I have collated a list of accounts that you might want to follow.

What have I missed? Let me know if there are any other great links out there and I’ll continue to update this page.

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