It’s Time to Speak Out

Close your eyes for one minute and think about the political landscape of our country at this moment. No, really…do it…wherever you’re at. Focus on how you feel.

**Pause for one minute**

What feelings came up for you? Why do you feel that way?

My feelings: Anger. Frustration. Sadness. Hopelessness. Guilt. 

Why: People are dying, people are sick, people are poor, people are being discriminated against, people are unhappy.

I’m using this post to vent. I’m enraged and exhausted at the fact that the United States has more than enough resources and ideas to reduce and eliminate these conditions, but continues not to do so. I’m frustrated that politicians dodge these issues and strum up racism, sexism, and transphobia as a way to gain political power. While I think both parties are complicit and problematic, only one party is focused on banning books, denying healthcare, protecting AR-15’s, and keeping children from being their authentic selves.

Here are three issues I’m angry about:

Guns are killing our youth. According to the Gun Violence Archive, there were over 6,000 minors killed or injured in 2022, making it the leading cause of death for kids in the USA. There is no reason anyone needs to own an AR-15. People who want to own guns should be subject to background checks which a majority of other countries implement, and that a majority of Americans want. Republicans pockets are tied to the NRA and they vote against gun regulation time and time again. They claim it’s a mental health issue but then simultaneously vote against the expansion of mental health services in schools. I’m tired of having to do lockdown drills and hearing people talk about arming teachers and adding cops, when we need to be changing policy. 

Abortion is healthcare. PERIOD. The American Medical Association says so, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists says so, even the World Health Organization says so. Anti-choice individuals trust doctors for other medical procedures but when it comes to this topic, refuse to believe science. The USA has the highest maternal mortality rate of any high-income country, yet they want to force its citizens to give birth? It does not make sense. Abortion is safe, and life-saving. Don’t want an abortion? Fine, don’t get one, but don’t project your conservative values as a way to continue to oppress pregnant people.

Trans rights. At the writing of this piece, there are 469 anti-LGBT bills being pushed in the USA. This looks like: Florida banning the teaching of gender identity and sexual orientation K-12 (comprehensive sexuality education), Tennessee banning gender-affirming care for minors, and Arkansas banning trans students from using bathrooms that align with their gender identity, to name a few. Trans people are under attack. Republican legislators do not care about children if they do not allow them to be their authentic selves. I am cis and do not speak for the trans community, but at the bare minimum I imagine that this community just wants to be left alone. Trans people are human beings and not political pawns.

Call me cranky, call me ungrateful, call me pessimistic…I don’t care. I’m just angry–and you should be angry too.

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2 thoughts on “It’s Time to Speak Out

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