Using Technology to Form a Community of Mentorship Within Social Media

#PhysedMentor is a free program for physical education teachers on Twitter. It is a volunteer based program where physical education professionals can sign up to be mentors on a variety of #physed topics: Adapted Physical Education, Advocacy, Assessment, Class Management, Curriculum/Lesson Development, Diversity and Social Justice, Elementary Teaching, English Language Learners, Field Day, Fitness, Fundraising and Grants, Graduate/Doctoral Education, Health Education Instructional Models, Involvement in Professional Organizations, National Board Certification, Secondary Teaching, Sex Education, Teacher Education (PETE Programs), and Technology.

This directory can be used three ways. 

  1. Anyone can access the directory, find the topic they are interested in, and then copy all the Twitter handles for that topic with 1 click. 
  2. Anyone can post a tweet with the #PhysedMentors hashtag and we (or someone else) will retweet their tweet to get it more exposure.
  3. We (or someone else) will seek out tweets asking for help and tag the appropriate mentors. 

The sign-up process is easy and done through Google Forms. That data is then copied/pasted from one Google Sheet tab to another tab that has the formulas to combine contents from different cells into one cell (so users can copy all the Twitter handles with 1 click). We then use the Glideapps service to make the spreadsheet much more user friendly. This whole process requires some setup at first but it then runs itself for the most part. It just requires promotion of the program and minor changes to the Google Sheet when new mentors sign up.

There are currently 46 #PhysedMentors signed up: @Adapted_PE_FCPS, @adaptedpe22, @CapnPetesPE, @CoachGelardi, @CoachJStone, @CoachMatheson, @coachsantape, @coachvedder_hpe, @DigittheAPE, @donntobin, @eheard, @ElemPE1, @erik_myer, @GarfieldPhysEd, @gingeraaron, @HDPhysed, @HerveyPHE, @justsaygoPE, @justybubpe, @katecoxpe, @korkmaz_alper, @leopold2801, @LongviewAPE, @MA_PETeacher, @Mr_C_PE, @mrb_physed, @mrsbradenpe, @MsBarclayPE, @MshaynesPE, @NMcCoy_APE, @oneoldkid, @PEberingmx, @PELady213, @pewithmrc, @PhysEdApps, @PhysedDynasty, @physedmanrising, @project_physed, @project_physed, @richlittle00, @schleiderjustin, @ScottPhysEd, @STEAMWellness, @stephysed, @superdanpe, and @TerriDr99.

A teacher uses the #PhysedMentor hashtag and some of the mentors handles in this example tweet.

In this example we find a tweet asking for help and tag the mentors ourselves.

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