The Four Ps of Field Day 

What is it? Some say, it’s just a play day. Others would say it’s a day where students get to show off competition against others. My answer: it’s my passion. I never had an awesome Field Day going through school. Just the same thing over and over. Sure, we got to go outside all day, but it wasn’t that fun. I started teaching 12 years ago, and when the time came around, I wanted to make it was EPIC for my students! I think in the past years, I have done that for them. 


Set dates early and be prepared. Give everyone a heads up on when the day is. Use a countdown board closer to the day for students to see before class. Coordinate with the school so they know where it’ll be and what to expect. Include a theme related to the students. This gets them more pumped for the day! Network with other PE teachers who have had success. They can help.  


Ask for donations if needed from local businesses, or PTO. Tell them it’s for students, it’s hard for them to say no. Make sure you have enough equipment for the day. If needed, ask other schools around the district to borrow. Have a format of the stations/events you are producing. Share a map with teachers about the layout and ask for volunteers from families. Parents will want to come out and watch their children, so ask to see if they’ll help. Have an idea in your mind of the outcome while you prepare. 


Use plenty of time to set up, whether it’s coming in early in the morning, or starting the night before. Communicate with everyone about what is going to happen that day. Delegate the responsibilities to everyone. Have water and First-Aid stations will be on hand just in case. BE VISIBLE! Make sure you are seen on this day. You are the one putting all the time in, so make sure students, teachers, and parents see you being active in the day. 


The one thing I always mention at conferences when I present my ideas is this is not my day, it’s the student’s day. All the amount of work put into it is for them. Sure, I’m tired, cranky, and hungry, but they need a day like this. Seeing all the smiles on the students’ faces for all the things going on is a big accomplishment. Some will say thank you and will say this was the best day of their life. You have the power to create a memory that will last a lifetime for them. Remember it’s all for the STUDENTS! 

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