How to Draw Health

In my health classes I teach about stress relief. After having 3 children of my own, I realized that I needed to practice what I preach. I needed something for me, something to help relief stress. The first thing I started doing was origami. I did teach this practice in my health classes. It was received well, but also challenging to help a class of 30 when difficulties in folding arose.

I’ve always been into art and crafty things so I decided to practice drawing more at home for stress relief. I thoroughly enjoy it and realized that many students find drawing entertaining and stress relieving. I am always trying to make educational lessons more fun so I decided to merge the two. This was the inspiration in creating my YouTube Channel How To Draw Health. I wanted to share my ideas with other Health teachers because so many others have helped me. I created videos that teach health lessons while students draw along with me. As they follow the story in the video, they learn key concepts pertaining to each topic. Teachers can supplement existing lessons with these videos or even leave them for sub plans.

When ideas pop into my head I go to work to create it! I am working on creating health songs with visuals and simple cartoons too. The purpose of the videos are to tell a story to keep it interesting and easier to remember the health content. The cartoons will also tell a story that’s related to health.

Another passion of mine is teaching and practicing mindfulness. There will definitely be upcoming videos on that! Creating content this way has become a hobby of mine that I thoroughly enjoy and love. I’m hoping it inspires others as well and teaches people about health along the way.

Here is the link to my channel.

Anyone can reach me at:

Videos I’ve created so far include:

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