Love Letters from Dad

I just came back from a walk and was inspired to sit down and participate in this micro-blog activity.

I am going to share a tradition that my father, Thomas L. Brophy, Jr. started in 2004. It was to start writing letters to the important people in his life and tell them what they meant to him. I said, “Wow Dad, that’s pretty cool,” and I didn’t think much more about it.

The letter would arrive a few days before Christmas. I am going to share the first letter he wrote me in 2004:

“Dear Kathy:

Whenever I think of you or whenever I am talking or in most cases bragging about you I sometimes get choked up to think that such a warm loving tender human being belongs to me. I don’t get the opportunity to tell you enough of how proud I am of you and how you have been able to withstand all the adverse undertones that you have endured. You are a rare mixture of a warm and sweet caring human being and a fierce athletic competitor. Your love of animals, your genuine concern for others feelings is a true gift from God.

When you came into this world Kathy, it was the proudest day of my life. I was a father and was immediately filled with the sincerest of desires to raise you to become the greatest woman on earth. I believe I reached my goal. I love you.


Daddy “

That year, my brother Tom and my sister Kelly also got their first letter. As time went on, he started to include our partners/spouses, and our children. My wife Maria got her first letter in 2006: “Dear Maria: I’ve added you to the list that gets a letter because I feel the need to express to you why I love you and how happy I am you are a part of our family.”

Here is a part of his first letter to Gina when she was 7 in 2012: “You never stop amazing me with your thirst for knowledge and always wanting to explore new worlds. I’ve learned about your interest in Volcanoes and Dinosaurs and Marsupials. What could be next?”

Our son Joseph received his first letter in 2012, when he was 3 years old: “This letter will probably be read to you by Gina but that is perfectly alright. You have great teachers around you to teach you all the things you need to know. I’m looking forward to someday having a catch with my grandson from Massachusetts. I hope it won’t be too long when you can call Pop Pop on the phone with a problem that requires another man’s opinion. Remember, I love you.”

Lesson here, don’t wait for an event to let people know their special qualities and to let them know how much they mean to you. Thank you Dad.

***I have continued this tradition that I learned from my dad. I write a letter to my wife, daughter and son each year. My son is now 10 and got his first letter from me when he was 1. Gina is 15 and she got her first letter from me when she was 6. ***

N4d6BoWr.jpgThis blog post is dedicated to the memory of Mr Thomas L Brophy Jr. who passed away 5/10/20.

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4 thoughts on “Love Letters from Dad

  1. Carol Ciotto

    So beautiful Kathy. Thank-you for sharing these special and personal messages from your Dad. How truly blessed you are to have these keepsakes. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I hope your Dad is dancing! Love and prayers to you. Carol Ciotto


  2. Barbara Brophy

    Our family was blessed to have had Tom. Kathy’s message allowed us to share a little of Tom’s heart and soul with others.


  3. Beth Nassozi

    What a tribute to your dad, and such a lovely way to honor those memories. I am so touched that you shared it with me. Thanks.


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