What One Thing….?

Inspired by a slew of articles that have recently cropped up in my social media feed I asked a question on Twitter that resulted in an almost immediate response of outstanding suggestions. So much so that I felt it only fair to summarize the results and share them with other teachers…after all, January is almost over.

Some answers put teachers first, and made suggestions that would make a teachers life easier for the semester ahead.

  • @ImSporticus – Teaching can be relentless and draining. Get some proper rest, eat well, sleep and spend some time on yourself and re-energize.
  • @schleiderjustin – read (he’s reading uncommon learning by @E_Sheninger as well as a book by Seymour Papert)
  • @PhysedNow – get on Voxer!
  • @mrrobbo – find ways to leverage yourself
  • @kdorff42 – 1st thing that comes to mind is Prepare, Pray & explore new ideas! That’s 3 things. Also find your wine!!
  • @TammyWynard – Get enough sleep so the creativity, clarity and inspiration can come to fruition for teaching and learning.
  • @WstPrtWellness – Reflect and connect with someone new outside of their own school
  • MrsLieke – 1. Find a teacher mentor/buddy who can give you support! 2. Sign up for a conference
  • @achieve225 – find a community partner and engage them in keeping people healthy!

Getting organized was a common theme among those that responded.

  • @VicGoddard – Get your online calendar set up so that it takes into account your busy times, family times and deadlines.
  • @andyvasily – Reorganize and clean their planning space. “Zen’ it out. De-clutter and inspire it up!
  • @ScottAmpersand – Big rocks to little rocks; prioritize. What’s the ultimate goal of curriculum? Will that carry thru to small items each unit?
  • @MrHorne101 – have a block plan, w/ no map, how will you know where you are going?
  • @MrHairPhysEd – Create a plan of attack. What is going realistically going to be achieved. Then set about achieving this. Set small goals
  • @TeacherToolkit – mark (grade) your books!

Others very much had students and the classroom in mind when they suggested their one thing that teachers can do before January to ensure a successful semester ahead.

  • @terryhcoughlin – solicit student feedback on assessments, learning styles, clarity of instruction, topics of interest etc…
  • @sherisherman732 – Luv students. Ask what & how they want 2 learn. Patch Adams: Making it fun will make kids want to show up 2 learn.<3
  • @jeffcharbonneau – learn at least one thing about each of your student’s lives each day. Relationships are the most important part of teaching.
  • @mrdearbury1 – spend one whole day doing nothing but reaffirming the classroom community. Love 1st. Teach second. It’ll change the whole sem.
  • @biblio_phile – Set a day or part of day in class to hear students opinions on a topic– how class is run, a current event, etc
  • @kinestheticclass – Understand the brain/body connection and put that understanding to use! … to which @murraycdm replied – @jwolk2 & I are attempting Power/Whole BrainTeaching on Monday!
  • @PrideandJoyMary – meet Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs for each of your students.
  • @CueRockStar – Make their own lessons – move off of textbooks

We’ve crossed the halfway point, the days are getting longer but both teachers and students alike need an opportunity to take stock, recharge those batteries and make a game plan in order to finish the school year strong.

My suggestions for teachers? Re-examine your professional goals that you made at the start of the year and re-evaluate them. If you’ve achieved some, do you want to extend the goal? If you haven’t, do you need to change it to make it more attainable.

What suggestion do you have? Feel free to share it on Twitter, or in the comments suggestion below.


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