Reading for Professional Development

For the 452nd slowchathealth blog post I turn to a different author. This site has been blessed with the generous contributions of educators and service providers, sharing their words willingly with a global audience. While it is a goal of mine to feature a new blog post each week, there are times when inspiration, and motivation is lacking.

With the internet buzzing about recent Artificial Intelligence developments, I too have jumped on the latest fad to see if AI really is as intuitive as people would have us believe and I have to say, AI thinks I might be more attractive, and have MUCH bluer eyes than my mirror is letting on. Last week the Lensa app led to a flurry of artificially created images, profile pics and memes and this week my social media thread featured much discussion on the launch of ChatGPT. ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence-driven program that responds to user prompts and has teachers asking if it’s something we should run towards, or away from. Jennifer Casa-Todd wrote a great blog post on her thoughts which includes a video highlighting some of the capabilities of this latest AI tool.

While I think it will take education a while to wrap its head around the impact of AI in the classroom I was interested to see if, in the wake of my aforementioned lack of inspiration and motivation, ChatGPT could write a blog post. And so, following in the wake of many wonderful educators, and in response to the prompt “Can you write me a blog post on the value of reading for professional development?” I present to you the 452nd post on this site.

I promise next weeks blog post will be written by a human 😉

Here is a potential blog post on the value of reading for professional development:

As professionals, it’s important to constantly seek out opportunities for growth and development in order to stay competitive and relevant in our fields. One simple but powerful way to do this is through reading.

Reading not only provides us with new information and ideas, but it also helps to expand our knowledge and understanding of the world around us. By reading on a regular basis, we can gain insight into different industries, trends, and perspectives, which can help us to think more critically and creatively in our work.

In addition to providing us with new information, reading can also help to improve our communication skills. As we read, we are exposed to a variety of writing styles, which can help us to develop our own writing abilities. Additionally, reading helps to improve our vocabulary and our ability to articulate our thoughts and ideas.

Reading can also be a valuable tool for networking and building relationships within our industry. By reading the same books and articles as our peers and colleagues, we can have more informed and engaging conversations with them. This can help to establish us as thought leaders and experts in our field, and can also open up new opportunities for collaboration and partnership.

Overall, reading is an essential component of professional development. It provides us with new information, helps to improve our communication skills, and can also support our networking efforts. So, make sure to carve out time in your schedule for regular reading in order to support your professional growth and success.

I have to admit, I’m impressed by what was written. Will I use it again in the future, or will this latest innovation fade away? Only time will tell. Try ChatGPT for yourself.

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