Book Giveaway

Is this the year in education when things get easier? I have multiple tweets from 2020, 2021, and 2022 stating that these have been the most trying of times in my 25+ years of teaching and if my social media is to be believed, we are seeing a greater number of educators walking away from the profession that at any other time.

The focus of SHAPE America’s Back to School Summit is ‘Re-energizing Teachers for the School Year’ and I’ll be joining a cast of teachers of the year, and Shape America board members in sharing our experiences and tips to help others reflect, renew and restart.

The keynote comes from Amber Harper, who calls herself a teacher burnout coach. In her session teachers will learn ways they can begin to break their cycle of burnout by practicing self-care that takes them far beyond the comforts of bubble baths, yoga, and chocolate. Administrators and teachers will discover simple, actionable changes they can make immediately to grow through their burnout and become happier, more fulfilled people. Teachers and administrators will also leave this session knowing what they can do to make progress in their personal and professional lives in order to grow through their burnout, thus creating more supported and engaged classrooms.

In 2020 Amber wrote the book Hacking Teacher Burnout: 8 Steps to Go from Isolated to Empowered So You Can Overcome Any Challenge and she has provided me with a copy to give away to one lucky teacher.

In the book Amber shows teachers how to:

✓ Discover your burnout type (everyone has a type?)

✓ Take actions that are best for you, depending on your burnout type

✓ Move through burnout rather than fight against it

✓ Make time for things that bring you growth and joy

✓ Become a thriving teacher, both personally and professionally

✓ Prepare for hardship before it hits and conquer it when it does

The book giveaway is happening over on Twitter and the winner will be announced on 7/29/22.

You can check out Amber’s website here, where you can find out more about her work, and access her successful podcast which has 144 episodes at the time of writing.

Get a free chapter from the book here.

Hacking Teacher Burnout: 8 Steps to Go from Isolated to Empowered So You Can Overcome Any Challenge was chosen as the Slowchathealth Book of the Month for July. It’s in great company. Find all of the other titles chosen here.

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