Best Job in the World

My favorite part about being a #HealthEd Teacher is that almost everything can be considered “health related”. My least favorite part about being a #HealthEd Teacher is that almost everything can be considered “health related”. This gives me an opportunity to discuss such a wide variety of topics with my students, but it also applies pressure to have a foundational understanding of such an array of topics so I can answer questions as they arise. It’s a challenge that I have gladly accepted. 

For example, one of the primary reasons I am so active on social media (@MrRussoHealth: Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube) is so I can develop a better understanding of what my students may observe when they use these apps. It also allows for me to better guide them in safely using social media. With current generations growing up with cell phones essentially attached to them, it is vital to understand the pros & cons of this technology. 

Additionally, cultural phenomena are constantly changing and developing which means I can expect questions about them from my students. I feel the need to provide a nuanced explanation of what’s happening and why it’s happening while simultaneously withholding my own biases.Ultimately, I absolutely love what I get to teach, and while it may stress me out from time to time, it also keeps me motivated to stay knowledgeable and up-to-date with what’s going on around us and our children. Whether you’re loving it, or hating it, there’s no job out there like being a health teacher. 

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