The Ultimate Engagement Game for ALL – Gratitude Jenga

Dale Sidebottom is the Energizer Bunny personified. He exudes positivity, his TEDx talk is inspiring, his book is a jolt of energy (and less than $8 on Amazon right now), his podcast is a fun listen, and he is a regular contributor to the #microblog event.

When I reached out to Dale to ask if he would contribute to this year’s event, he responded immediately. Within the next hour he had recorded a personalized video message for the readers of with the details of an awesome team building, motivational activity that you can do with any group. I think I might do this with my department at the start of the next year when we move into our brand new office.

Check out the video, print out the instructions, and have a blast with a giant Jenga set! Once you have tried this activity PLEASE share the results with both Dale and myself on Twitter!


Introducing the ultimate ongoing engagement activity suitable for all ages – Giant Jenga Gratitude. It is with great enthusiasm and anticipation that I am delighted to present this exciting game to my esteemed colleague, Andy Milne. As a HUGE fan of the Slow Chat Health Blog, I have found this game to be outstanding with everyone I use it with. Therefore, I am thrilled to unveil this secret activity that has been a hit in my workshops for the past few years.

I invite you to watch the explainer video and download the full color PDF instructions to get started and experience this game’s fun and gratitude. With its Rip Snorting gameplay, Giant Jenga Gratitude will surely blow everyone’s socks off! So whether you’re an educator, team leader, or simply someone looking for a unique and engaging activity, this game is the perfect fit.

We express our heartfelt gratitude to Andy Milne for all he does, and we are honoured to share this exceptional activity with you. So what are you waiting for? Grab your blocks and let the fun begin! Cheers! 

Dale Sidebottom – Creator of Jugar Life

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