Inspiring Calendars

Having never been the most organized of individuals, it has taken me a long time to realize that life is a little easier when things are planned. I’ve been known to pull lessons out of thin air, and although some of them have been good, I know that my best lessons are the ones that I’ve thought about and are well planned.

As I continue to move towards becoming more organized, both in the classroom, and at home (thank you shared iCalendar!), I really appreciate the downloadable, and often subscribable, calendars that are thoughtfully created and shared by organizations.

Here are a few that I like, but I’d love to hear of others, as they all make my life a little easier.

Action For Happiness Calendar

Action For Happiness is a movement of people taking action to create a happier and kinder world, together. They aim to promote a happier world, through a culture that prioritizes happiness and kindness. You can sign up on their website and pledge to try to create more happiness in the world. 

Their website is a colorful wealth of great resources, including podcasts, and also their awesome calendars. Each month is themed – Altruistic August is followed by Self-Care September. With self-care being such a hot topic for teachers right now, you simply must download and print their calendar and share it with teachers, students and friends. Follow Action for Happiness on twitter here.

Download the calendar here.

Calm Mindfulness Calendar

Calm really is my favorite mindfulness app for many reasons. Aside from being grandfathered in to their old ‘free for educators’ offer, I find their ‘daily calm’ meditations the best meditations out there. I use the soundscapes often, the sleep stories are wonderful (I’ve never stayed awake all the way through to the end), and the ‘daily Jay’ featuring Jay Shetty has been my new go-to for when I need to devote time to myself for some quite gratitude and reflection.

Calm’s mission is to make the world a happier and healthier place. They’re devoted to helping you live mindfully, sleep better and breathe deeper. Calm also offer a blog that provides free resources, with one such resource being their monthly ‘Mindful Living’ calendars. Daily challenges to deepen your mindfulness practice and learn more about yourself. You can print the monthly offerings, and you can also subscribe to the calendar on your phone and receive daily alerts. Follow Calm on twitter here.

Download the calendar here.

Random Acts of Kindness Calendar

The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation seeks to make kindness the norm. They are rooted in the belief that all people can connect through kindness and that kindness can be taught. Their website is full of great, free resources, including a blog, lesson plans, posters, coloring pages, kindness bingo, and of course a monthly calendar.

The daily ideas will help to unleash the RAKtivist in you. Follow RAK Foundation on twitter here.

Download the calendar here.

SHAPE America Health and PE Calendar

Since its founding in 1885, SHAPE America has defined excellence in physical education. They are responsible for the National Standards for both physical education and health education. Serving 200,000+ health and physical education professionals across the United States their website contains many great resources for their members. Membership starts at just $79 and being a part of SHAPE America has been one of my best professional decisions.

SHAPE America has two downloadable physical activity calendars that remind you of monthly health observances in addition to simple ideas for both elementary, and secondary educators. Follow SHAPE America on twitter here.

Download the calendar here.

I know there must be many more great calendars that are worth sharing with readers of the blog. If you know of similar resources, please share them in the comments down below, or tag me on twitter!

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