The Pandemic Pedagogy

It all started in March 2020, my wife had to fly from our home in Hanoi to Bangkok for surgery.

Due to covid, we knew we would not see each other again until at least the summer months. I was to be on my own throughout online learning for the rest of the year and locked down in my own home. Things were looking grim and I was feeling trapped.

I thought about how others had it way worse than me, but having anxiety disorder made the next few months feel daunting. What can I do to make myself better? How can I make a difference and not wallow in loneliness?

I told myself this was a time where I could either sulk or grow….but grow at what? I felt I was a novice at best as an educator and I had not really taken many risks at this point in my career. What better time to do so than during virtual learning.

Alone with my thoughts, I had plenty of time to create and innovate. I wanted my lessons to be more than just youtube videos of fitness exercises, I wanted to teach fun and engaging content, utilize games, family collaboration and different educational pedagogies and models. I used ping pong balls and legos, couch cushions and the walls in my house. My classes created world class gyms and games in their classroom.

The irony is if I was in the classroom or at school I probably would’ve stuck to the same generic lessons without pushing myself or my students to try new things and to engage in a different manner.

The pandemic is an awful thing and my heart goes out to the many who have lost, as I know that feeling.

This unique situation gave me the room to grow and to overcome fears of failing to be better for my students.

Sometimes it just takes a certain person, place, or atmosphere to challenge yourself to grow.

No matter what it may be, embrace the fear you just might create something amazing. 

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