The Provocative Ponderings of a Perpetual Pessimist

April 1, 2021

The Well Family,

333 Panacea Avenue,


Re: Your children- Well, Ness (Grade 10A) and Well, Being (Grade 10B)

Dear Well family,

I write to advise the conclusion of investigations into the conduct of your children, Ness and Being. As advised in previous communications, these investigations were commenced in response to a series of allegations that both Ness, and Being, breached the school’s code of conduct on numerous occasions by:

  • Requesting that they had an explicit presence in school digital and print publications;
  • Requiring their collective importance to be acknowledged through day-to-day operational procedures by all school employees;
  • Voicing their displeasure at their perceived “lack of inclusion” during Grade 10 school-based learning experiences;
  • Demanding regularly scheduled interactions with students in Grades 11&12;
  • Refusing to complete assigned tasks that had been previously completed in lower grades;
  • Continually suggesting that they are the pivot points on which our school’s success can be accurately determined;
  • Presenting, on numerous occasions, that all school staff (not just their teachers) were responsible for their growth and development;
  • Contributing to staff and student disharmony by advocating for, in their words, “a firm but flexible” connection between procedural, pedagogical, and pastoral undertakings.

We had hoped, with the end of the Grade 10 school year fast approaching, that these rebellious and insidious behaviors would have ceased, or at least significantly declined. Instead, we have found that both of your children remain vocal in their advocacy of self-styled importance, and are now garnering sympathy from fellow students, certain teachers, program coordinators, and other families. After collecting statements from aggrieved stakeholders, interviewing both Ness and Being, and consulting the case law precedent established in PANGEA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Vs. RECESS (2019), Professor M.T. Head, the chair of the PIS board, has concluded that these allegations are substantiated. This has made their continued enrolment at Pangea International School untenable. 

We are cognizant of our obligations with regard to the current government procedures that require us to ensure both Ness and Being complete their Grade 10 studies at our location. However, as this legislation provides that the format in which these studies be completed is at our discretion, I advise the following.

  1. It is our decision that Ness and Being will have attendance limitations applied for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year. Explicitly, this requires their attendance to be selectively managed by us, with a significant reduction in student and faculty interactions (please see attachment for further details); and
  2. Furthermore, there will be NO consideration of continued enrolment within our senior years (Grade 11 & 12) programs at Pangea International School for either child.

Whilst the severity and urgency of this action may appear both punitive and retaliatory  in nature, it is regrettably necessary. We simply cannot run the risk of their alternative beliefs gaining traction with fellow students and staff members, thereby deflecting from the importance of the core studies and entrenched attitudes needed for success.

I am legally obliged to advise that Ness and Being are afforded the right to appeal the consequences listed above. The procedures outlining the appeals process can be found in the PIS handbook.

Yours in education,

Dr. I.M. Afool


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