Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

In our comfort zone we feel exactly that, comfort. However, when we step outside of our comfort zone, that is where we experience growth and reward. We frequently encourage our students to take a step (or even a leap), but when do we do so ourselves?

I recently left a permanent teaching position and moved to another country. I have no experience or curriculum knowledge in this country. Over a four month period I have faced many rejection calls and emails. Applied and interviewed for positions I never thought I would be considered for. Approached schools and tried to sell myself. Throughout this process I have kept the words of my previous boss in my mind ‘be comfortable with the uncomfortable’

Although this time has been challenging, my resilience has grown immensely. I practice positive visualisation and self talk daily (sometimes hourly). I approach my discomfort with a growth mindset. I am constantly stepping out of my comfort zone. As a result, I have no clue what the future may hold for me. What future discomforts I will feel, what doors will open and who I may meet. This unknown is scary, but also very exciting.

So, why should you step outside of your comfort zone? 

  • Increased creativity
  • Increased resilience
  • Increased determination
  • Increased self confidence
  • More responsive to feedback
  • Greater awareness and understanding of self
  • Develop new relationships
  • Exposed to new opportunities and experiences
  • Learn strategies to manage change
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Develop new skills and knowledge

Whether it’s applying for a job, skydiving or joining that club to meet new people, take that step. Get outside of your comfort zone, because that’s where the magic happens.

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