Bringing the Glitz & Glam Back in Physical Education

I was a 35-year-old, single dad thinking ‘what do I do next’. I had been a Myotherapist for 25 years, a practitioner and educator, became a Level 2 DDPYoga instructor (, but I needed more. I love teaching, health, and creating games, so I said to my child, “I am going back to school to be a PE teacher”, the response, “Go do it Dad”, so I went and applied for a Physical Education degree at RMIT. 5 years later, I have that degree in my hand, and I want to first thank Dr. Bernie Holland for all his support throughout and for believing in me then and now. Taking the risk, putting in the hard work, I am writing my first Physical Education book, dedicated to Glitz n Glam PE games; I cannot believe it.

Now, I am doing what I love. I am honoured to be an ambassador for Ross Haywood Sports (, Australia’s premiere sports equipment company and I work at a local primary school in the northern suburbs of Melbourne Australia, teaching children to be better in all facets of life, including their health and fitness.

The title states ‘Glitz n Glam’, and you may ask what that means. I have been an entertainer for decades, musician, and professional wrestler – former IWA Australian Heavyweight Champion. When I teach it is like a performance, we must be on each second. The children walk in with big smiles, in anticipation of a great lesson and walk out the same way. My friend and boss Diamond Dallas Page, the founder of DDPYoga (, said, be positive and live your passion; so that is what I do each time I teach. I love making my own games up, I look at something and put my own spin on it, making sure that each student can succeed and increase some skill whether it be physical, strategy or fitness. I put themes on my games, I use my love of music and bands like Kiss, superheroes, and professional wrestling incorporating characters from the latter, like the Ultimate Warrior, John Cena, the Rock, and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin to make sure that each child knows what they are doing is something to enhance their skills.

I do some crazy things to get people’s attention, but to me, that keeps people interested. I dance with bins, I do exercises dressed up as characters like Tarzan, David Hasselhoff, the Village People, and Axel Rose just to name a few. It is all in the name of fun and education and of course, enjoying life.

Also check out AcePE feat DDPY Home exercises and Bin Isolation Challenge : Baywatch theme.

Bringing happiness to the people I educate and helping them to open their mind to become a better person, this is what I love and what helps get me up in the morning. Be yourself and love what you do.

So, I started AcePhysEd and my goal was to collaborate with other PE teachers, Health & Fitness professionals and Sports Podcasters like Australian legends Mr. Andy Hair ( and Mr.Andy Raymond ( and share their work, but more importantly, gain more knowledge from other fantastic individuals. I have had the honour of lecturing for ACHPER (Australian Council of Health and Physical Education Research) Victoria on several occasions. Looking at all aspects of PE like movement to music, Yoga & Mindfulness, and Technology in PE are just a few topics that AcePhysED looks at, but my main love is creating fantastic games and learning environments for all students to become better.

I would love you to follow me, but more importantly, collaborate with you and become PE friends. My email :

My social media links: Blog / Twitter / Pinterest / YouTube / Facebook

Teachers, thank you for all your do for our students.

Keep Rockin’ & Rollin’

Steve Clogstoun

Owner AcePhysED

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