You’re Prepared for This!

Well, students, here we are: our new normal. Health class right now certainly looks different than it would be in our pre-pandemic world. I assure you that you are ready to handle this pandemic and whatever else life decides to throw at you over the next few weeks. Why? Because you’ve been focusing on building your health skills, and now is the perfect time to put them to use! After all, as I often tell you: it’s one thing to use these skills in a classroom, but the real test…well, that’s living life!

So, students, here is the real health curriculum during this pandemic:

I’m sure that when this is all over with, you’ll have learned core concepts about functional health knowledge. I know I’m more well versed in the transmission of viruses based on research I’ve done since this pandemic began.

For every person you interact with, you’ll be analyzing their influences. What’s influencing my mom to get worried when she goes to the grocery store? Why is my friend saying this isn’t as bad as the media says it is? Use this skill to make your own decisions, and be aware of how both internal and external influences are impacting your health.

You’ll certainly be accessing information, and the importance of being able to access valid information, products, and services is probably higher than ever. Being able to sort through the never-ending cycle of news updates is a skill that can cause peace of mind and prevent you from acting in a way that will negatively impact your health.

Interpersonal communication? More important than ever! You’ve learned how to communicate your health needs to others. Use this skill to avoid health risks and how to ask for support if you need it. We may be socially distancing, but no one has to go through this pandemic alone.

And, here’s something you’ll be doing multiple times a day: decision making. Is it worth it to meet up with a friend when you should be social distancing? How will your choice to spend all day creating TikToks impact the schoolwork you’re supposed to do? Take a step back and think about the impact your decisions have on not only yourself, but on others.

Even though your routine is disrupted, I know you still have goals. Part of goal setting is making an adjustable goal, and right now it’s okay to take a step back and reevaluate your progress towards your goals. Sometimes our path to success isn’t linear, and that’s okay. Stay the course!

I urge you to focus on your self-management, too! Your health, ALL of your health, is important! Take care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. Take time out of your day for you. You might have more responsibilities now, like taking care of a sibling, but make sure there’s time in your day for YOU.

Lastly, now more than ever, we need people who are skilled in advocacy. We have medical professionals who need personal protective equipment, small businesses that need customers to support them, and other opportunities to be an advocate for others by encouraging others to adopt health-enhancing behaviors. Your advocacy could save a life!

See? You are SO prepared to tackle this pandemic! You got this! Use these skills and before you know it, life will be back to normal.

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12 thoughts on “You’re Prepared for This!

  1. Brayden Huben

    This article was very informative. It is about what is expected of me in Health Class that is now distance learning. I also learned about core concepts that we will be learning.


  2. Julie Andrews

    Love this! I’ve been transitioning to SBHE the past 2 years and now with remote learning it’s mostly what I’m doing. In a gmeet I asked students ts how they felt about the work we are doing…it was amazing to have a student say she.looked forward to her Wellness class because the lessons were fun and…USEFUL!!


  3. Louis Fay

    A lot of what I know goes into the decisions about what I choose to do. The more good that I know the better decisions I will make. When I think about making a decision the first thing I think about is, do what’s right and do the best thing. I think a lot about decisions through faith as well and I believe that helps me live a healthier and happier life through faith.


  4. Jack Welburn

    When faced with tough decisions I typically like to avoid most input from others in order to ensure that what I am doing is best for myself. I definitely believe that other insights and opinions can be very valuable in decision making, however, I sometimes feel that with too much influence from others it can be easy to make bad decisions. A prime example of this is peer-pressure and how people’s decisions can be influenced by others. Before making decisions I like to step back and think about how my decisions will benefit my well-being to make sure I am doing what is good for myself and not necessarily what is good for others. Even though I highly value other people’s input, I know that I will always lean towards making the best decision for myself whether it’s isolating myself from toxic people, or finding more supportive friends.


  5. Drew Renzella

    What I know and have learned is what ultimately affects the decisions that I make, the people I choose to associate myself with, and how I choose to live my life. I think that in order to live a long and healthy life you need to look back at things you have learned so that when it comes to making an important decision, you are more aware which choice will help you get you the place that you want to be in. You can choose to do things that you know will help you live that long and happy life as well as stay away from things that you know you do not need in your life or don’t want to associate yourself with.


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