Technology for #PhysEd, #HealthEd & Coaches

As educators across the world turn to technology to teach remotely we are seeing an increase in the number of teachers looking for the most effective way to help their students. But with a wide variety of technology available to physical educators, health teachers, and coaches the world of educational technology can seem overwhelming.

Now, thanks to Dr. Seth Jenny, Dr. Jennifer Krause and Dr. Tess Armstrong, a book has been written that guides educators towards the best, most effective way, to incorporate technology in all aspects of their professional life. While a teachers’ tech tool of choice will change over time, best practice will remain a constant, and this is the book to empower all teachers. Experienced teachers hesitant to incorporate technology will appreciate the structured way in which the book is compiled. These teachers will be drawn to chapters identifying ways in which technology can motivate students, target those with individual special needs, while additionally being used as a tool for professional development. Teachers new to the profession, familiar with technology, will find ways to harness these tools to improve their pedagogy. From communication ideas (and etiquette), to effective assessment, compiling an e-portfolio and creating online instruction, there is something in this book for everyone.

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This engaging text includes tips from the field, proven ideas from practitioners who have refined their tech use and share their experiences for the benefit of readers. The inclusion of pertinent vocabulary, review questions, and discussion prompts make this book one that will prove to be a valuable reference tool to which teachers will want to return time and again.

Technology for Physical Educators, Health Educators, and Coaches is a practical, hands-on text that offers a number of useful tools (including additional digital resources):

  • What Does the Research Say? sidebars that provide evidence for which technologies do and do not work in physical education, health education, and sport coaching, with accompanying explanations
  • Tips, examples, and interviews from seasoned professionals on various types of technology
  • Chapter objectives, key terms, review questions, and open-ended discussion questions, which could prove useful for online discussion boards
  • Instructor ancillaries, including PowerPoint presentations and learning management system (LMS)–ready quizzes for each chapter, that help instructors organize, plan, teach, and assess content effectively
  • Online web resource that offers a variety of tools, including additional practitioner interviews; links to websites, videos, and podcasts; sample handouts, and other activities and resources from practicing professionals. The online web resource will be updated annually to keep current with the changing technology.
  • Social media accounts (@Tech4HPECoach) on Twitter and Facebook allow readers to further connect and share ideas. Use the hashtag #Tech4HPECoach across various social media platforms too!

I got a real kick out of seeing my good friend and mentee, Adam Mullis featured in the book – allowing us to glimpse into his gym and see how he incorporates YouTube Dances and the Sworkit app.

Screengrab from a digital preview copy of the book.

Although I would consider myself tech-savvy, I know that I could be better at creating e-portfolios particularly during this time of enforced distancing from my students. Additionally, with a recent purchase of new heart rate monitors at school, I look forward to learning new ways to incorporate them in a meaningful way.

Book Giveaway: I have one copy of this book to giveaway on Friday 3rd April, 2020. To be entered into the draw you retweet this blog post AND be following both myself AND  AND @Tech4HPECoach on Twitter!

Alternatively, you can purchase the book on Amazon, the Human Kinetics site, or order it via your local bookstore.


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