Book Club

Slowchathealth is venturing into something new, and exploring another social media platform. Up until now you have found us at, and you may have seen the fundraising initiative that raises money for health and physical teachers via If you are on Instagram you may have stumbled across this account, and if you can’t get enough and you like to listen to podcasts then you’ll find some interesting listening here.

With the continued success of our Book of the Month, and our explorations into book club conversations on Twitter and Voxer, we have decided to launch a Slowchathealth Book Club group on Facebook. This might be an easier location to conduct our conversations, post and discuss questions, and meet like-minded educators, many of whom might not have joined Twitter.

Join the Facebook Group here


In March we will read and discuss ‘Sexploitation’ by Cindy Pierce. I picked up a used copy on Amazon and have downloaded a free audio book version from my wonderful local library. You can also access a FREE excerpt of the book here.

The book was recommended to me by someone in my PLN, and as I had recently had conversations with the awesome Christopher Pepper about P-O-R-N and incorporating conversations about the topic into our health class I figured this would make for a lively book club experience.

As #HealthEd teachers become more confident in their teaching of skills-based health they are looking to tackle new content areas that perhaps they previously felt were too difficult to navigate. Parents are hoping that teachers are talking about this, and teachers are hoping that parents are. With parents and teachers both avoiding the P-O-R-N conversation, this book aims to develop readers comfort around this topic so that we can give kids the confidence and courage needed to draw boundaries based on their own values not those put upon them.

Please consider checking out the Facebook group and sharing the book and the conversation with your educator peers AND…..having reached out to the author she has agreed to field our questions! So, get a copy of the book, join the group and lets have a great discussion next month.

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