My Healthy Classroom

Cold and flu season is here, and do I know it? Despite having already had my flu shot, and promoting germ hygiene at my school and at home, I always chuckle when I, the health teacher, fall victim to these pesky viruses.

At my school, seasonal healthy habits are promoted in the health classroom and reinforced by our nurses office and a student club called Peer Helping. This year, as part of getting our message around the campus we used some of the free printable resources from MyHealthyClassroom and Lysol – which saved us a lot of time and made our message more powerful.


What impressed me with the MyHealthyClassroom site is that their Healthy Habits Program has partnered with the National Education Association (NEA) and National Parent Teacher Association (PTA), to promote health messages from the CDC.

Currently available for free they have a colorful poster that can be used to promote the skills that your students need to prevent the spread of the cold and flu virus, and as you know, just spreading health ‘facts’ isn’t sufficient to lead to behavior change. On the back of the poster are activities and statistics that can be used to further promote the message. At my school the Peer Helping students read statistics over the tannoy each morning before encouraging their peers to wash their hands regularly.



In my school, with students feeling pressured to push themselves to get the best grades possible, the last thing they want is to let colds and coughs get in their way and too often they come back into school feeling sick thinking that they can always rest and recover on the weekend.

This week I used Lysol Disinfecting Wipes on my classroom desks and had my students take as many wipes as they needed to wipe down their desks. Oh my goodness – the wipes were filthy once we’d disinfected the desks. I also used a wipe on my laptop and cell phone too.


Signing up to get a copy of the poster with activities is free and easy [click here]. Be one of the first to sign up and your poster will be snail-mailed to you PLUS you’ll get access to a digital download to print and use in your classroom.

Check out for access to all of the above plus more healthy resources and be sure to spread the word among your teacher friends to secure a poster before they run out.

How do you promote seasonal healthy habits in your classroom? Share your ideas using the hashtags #MyHealthyClassroom and #slowchathealth



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