Membership Benefits

Fall sees a drop in temperatures, baseball playoffs, the return of ice hockey (Go Blackhawks!) the chance to wear the latest #sendateacher hoodie and also a glut of #physed conferences! And for many #physed and #healthed teachers it’s time to renew membership of your state organization because, well, you have to be a member to attend the conference don’t you? If that’s the only reason for joining (or not joining) read on!

Investing in AHPERD membership is an investment in your own growth, and an investment in the future of health & physed.

Benefits of Membership

Here’s how your state AHPERD serves you!

It lobbies for effective laws for health and physical education and pushes for high standards and quality instruction. This allows you to do what you do best – plan and deliver quality lessons while they advocate on your behalf.

It provides excellent opportunities for professional and educational growth through a yearly state convention, numerous workshops, demonstrations, and clinics. I’ve blogged before about the benefits of attending conventions and I can list 5 reasons for you to attend:

  1. It’s an investment in YOU
  2. You’ll become inspired by new ideas
  3. You’ll get out of your comfort zone and try something new
  4. Networking in person trumps networking on social media!
  5. You’ll return, able to improve your program

If you want to serve the profession as an officer, committee chairperson, or member at the district and state levels, joining your state organization is crucial. I stepped out of my comfort zone a few years ago and became the Health representative for IAHPERD and since then I have felt a lot closer to the pulse of my subject. PLUS, I get to arrange the line up for the annual conference, and this year’s line up is AWESOME!!

State organizations recognize quality teachers by awarding Teacher of the Year status.

My state organization also promotes quality curricula and disseminates a broad range of information through its publications. We have a regular online e-magazine plus a glossy publication that is sent to all members.

Some organizations also offer discounts to their members. CAHPERD offers discounts on cool sunglasses! Some organizations have funds available to share with members to improve their program or help them with attendance at conferences.

Using my state organization as an example, it also serves the profession by:

Representing me in Springfield at the capital. It’s the only representative to influence legislative action.

IAHPERD is the only “voice of the profession” recognized and heard in the Legislature and by school administrators.

IAHPERD maintains a network of professional liaisons with related organizations such as the Govenor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, American Heart Association, ACE, IASCD, JADA, ICAPE, IDA, IESA, IHSA, IATA, and SHAPE America.

IAHPERD has purchased exhibit booth space at the Illinois Association of School Boards Convention, Illinois PTA Convention and Illinois Principals Convention.
The booths are staffed with physical education professionals who are very knowledgeable in promoting and explaining the physical education curriculum.

Jorge Rodriguez recently tweeted this poll regarding membership:

Jorge is also keen to keep this conversation going and will be recording a Global Physed Voxer podcast this week. If you want to join in the conversation, click this link. Daily questions will be posted and hopefully you will be inspired to join your state AHPERD, or feel more empowered to encourage others to join you!


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