The Book Discussion

Social media has connected us in a way that we could never had imagined when we first signed up. In addition to creating a global PLN of teachers with whom I have had the opportunity to collaborate it has also allowed me access to great authors too.

kinesthetic classroomMy first 21st Century book discussion was based upon Mike Kuczala‘s The Kinesthetic Classroom and took place within the confines of Voxer. A group of engaged teachers came together to discuss the book and one group member announced that they were connected with Mike and that he would be willing to join in the discussion. To have the opportunity to walk through the pages with a group of teachers AND have Mike available to answer pertinent questions was amazing. This book club led to me embracing the teaching methods mentioned in the book and making them my professional goal for the school year. Looking back, the book discussion played a major role in me successfully changing my teaching style for the better.

TGFU BookI later lurked in the Voxer discussion group that methodically worked their way through Griffin & Butler’s Teaching Games for Understanding: Theory, Research and Practice. This group of 89 outstanding practitioners, led by Jorge Rodriguez, have created resources based upon their conversations and some members have proposed to present on this topic at #SHAPEBoston. Why not join in with the discussions by following this Voxer link.

essentials book coverAnd so my journey through 21st Century book discussions has now progressed to coordinating my first one. Having watched the awesome Holly Alperin and Sarah Benes present at #SHAPEMinneapolis and then purchasing their awesome new text The Essentials of Teaching Health Education I was motivated to discuss the book further, and so too were many in the audience at that session. We decided that a Voxer group should be created to promote discussion on the book and its content. The book “presents a skills-based approach to teaching K-12 health education—one that will prepare your students for success in school and beyond.” Holly and Sarah’s book provides teachers with a resource for all teachers to evaluate their curriculum and instruction and will be of use to future teaching professionals as well as the more experienced health teacher and will act as an accessible document that you can continue to go back to as you make the transition towards placing more emphasis on teaching skills that develop health enhancing behaviors.

It’s not too late to join in the discussion as having discussed the concept of health literacy we are now looking at chapter 2 as it looks at defining, describing and justifying the move towards a skills-based approach to teaching health education. Holly and Sarah are also in the group and this gives us a great opportunity to dive deeper into the book knowing that both authors can help us through the process. If you want to join us, click this link and start sharing your thoughts.

Book discussions such as these are a great way for the #healthed and #physed community to come together and to collaborate globally. The conversation is guaranteed to be intellectually stimulating and you may make a few new professional connections along the way.

There are no online #slowchathealth questions this week but please consider joining the Voxer group. If you own a copy of the book, perhaps you would like to share a photo of you reading it?

Additionally, thank you to all of you who have purchased one of the #sendateacher t-shirts. The reaction from our community has been amazing and both the #physicalliteracy and the #healthverbs shirts have proven to be very popular. If you would like to help #sendateacher to #SHAPEBoston please check out ALL profits will go towards sending a teacher to our national convention who would not normally be able to attend due to a lack of financial support from their school or district.

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