Read, Watch, Listen & Do

It’s time for that oft-asked question at this time -“What are your plans for the summer?” and my response of late has been “Finding time to switch my brain off for a rest”. It’s been a busy school year for me and I am need in of re-charging my batteries a little. Having said that, there’s a lot planned for the summer months to keep my creative embers glowing.


These four books are on my summer reading list. Contagious  and Made to Stick are both similar in that hopefully they will allow me to make my teaching not only more memorable, but actionable for students. Both books are difficult to put down once you’ve started reading. I’m reading Social Justice in Physical Education  with my fellow pedagogue Justin Schleider as we plan on presenting on this topic in the near future and this book will allow me to lead my class in difficult, but important conversations. Finally, The Essentials of Teaching Health Education is likely to be the book that will change my teaching the most over the next year as I look to incorporate more skills-based instruction into my classroom instruction.

If my list hasn’t inspired you to check out one of those books, then these great tweets below will. Check out the list and review of great education books recommended by your peers.


Who am I kidding? I’ll probably be binging on coverage of the Olympics, catching up on the past two seasons of Game of Thrones, and being forced to watch kids TV by my two young children. However, it is my aim to watch these three documentaries as all have great content that will help me better understand my students. Growing Up Trans has been recommended to me by sexuality presenters at a number of conferences and I’ll be checking out the PBS documentary as LGBTQ rights remain at the fore within my school building and continue to be one of the Hot Topics in Health. The CNN documentary #BeingThirteen contains a number of great statistics regarding the online lives of teens that my good friend Andy Horne quotes in his CyberIssues presentations. It’s been saved on my DVR since it came out last year! While those first two documentaries can be watched via the links that I have shared, Screenagers will require a little more effort to track down a viewing. The clips shared online look great and there are educational materials that accompany this award-winning documentary that claims to probe into the vulnerable corners of family life, including the director’s own, and depict messy struggles, over social media, video games, academics and internet addiction.

Still looking for something else to view? Check out Blabbermouths every Monday at 9:30CST and join myself, Justin Schleider, Nicholas Endlich and Adam Llevo discuss all things educational. It;s a fun, interactive 30 minutes and you might even get to see yourself on screen!


My 70 minute commute to and from work gives me all of the listening time that I need and I rabidly consume podcasts. However, I’ll spend so much less time in my car during the summer break and so my podcast listening will be at a premium. I recently got into Dave Zirin’s Edge of Sports podcast and I like his style. The podcast is a mixture of social justice and sports and each episode is extremely varied.

Freakonomics Radio was a staple of mine and I listened to this weekly without fail, but have fallen behind on this one and plan on catching up on this one, particularly their latest episode which is about this seasons remarkable performance by Leicester City (go on, try and pronounce it) in the English Premier League. If you haven’t heard this story, it’s absolutely remarkable! Musically, I am always on the search for new sounds and every year try and identify which will be my soundtrack to the summer (are you following me on Mixcloud?)

I’m predicting that the new Gregory Porter album will be played a lot in my kitchen – great jazzy sounds on this, his third album. So too will the sophomore album from Brit-rockers Catfish & the Bottlemen (think Killers crossed with the Kooks. Lyrically clever, if a little explicit at times).


Teachers get such long summer vacations right? Well, perhaps, but like all teachers mine will be full, not only with all of the above but also with professional development, both for myself, and providing for others. First up I’m presenting at Connected PE with Justin Schleider, the latest global online conference, this one organized by the Jarrod Robinson. I’m also presenting at the St Louis Health & PE Conference with Andy Horne in addition to recording a webinar with him for the good people at Sportime & SPARK.

The blog is 1 year old this month and I will continue to blog throughout the summer in addition to recording weekly Blabbermouth episodes. I’ll also be meeting with co-workers during the summer to work on two initiatives. One looking at measuring student growth, and a second looking at unpacking standards in Health and Physical Education.

So, it will be a busy summer, one in which I will seek to develop professionally while still trying to achieve as many Summer Bucket List items with my family as possible.

Whatever you plan for this summer (and I know that some of you still have a few weeks left of school) I hope you are able to relax, switch off, reflect and re-charge your batteries. And to my peers that retire this year, (you know who you are) thank you for all that you have done!

Here are the accompanying #slowchathealth questions!

Q1 What’s ONE thing that you will READ this summer to improve your craft?

Q2 What’s ONE thing that you will WATCH this summer to improve your craft?

Q3 What’s ONE thing that you will LISTEN TO this summer to improve your craft?

Q4 What’s ONE thing that you will DO this summer to improve your craft?

Q5 What’s ONE thing that you will do to RELAX this summer?

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