International Spirit

This year, the Elementary and Secondary Physical and Health Education departments decided to do something together to have students from both schools learning together and teaching each other.

We first thought of what we called the PHE Week to be held the week before the winter holidays, however, it didn’t work out because there were a number of events happening already. 

We then decided to do it the week before Khmer New Year which happened to be World Health Week. 

We planned different activities to be held during recess for elementary and secondary students, such as garden games, such as corn hole, croquet, pétanque and some traditional Khmer games to honor our host country, Cambodia.

We also offered different sports on different days, such as basketball, hockey and futsal games and teachers were invited to play as well. Badminton was a favorite too. In addition we had yoga and dance options for kids to choose from too. Every day of the week was a spirit day. Everyone was invited to participate in those too. Some ideas were “ Wear your Favorite Professional Team Jersey Day” or “Wear your Country Colors Day” or “Wear your House Colors Day”

During the week, the PHE teachers collaborated during the lessons that matched their schedule to have kids from the ES learning from the SS students or the other way around.

We were able to run water polo games between G5 & G6 students. Have G3 students working with G8 students during their wheels mini unit, and lacrosse. G2 students teaching invasion games to G10 students. G2 students learning from G7 students about World Games, Early Years students playing with G8 students and so on. It was fascinating to watch how simple it was to get them to mingle and talk to each other, sometimes sharing culture and language and teaching each other in their favorite language. Big and small, everyone was open minded and had a new experience, meeting new people and making new friends.

On Thursday we had a Wipeout with the elementary school students. It was a very welcome event as it is pretty hot in Phnom Penh at the moment. Teachers and learners participated in different activities, such as a fun and challenging bouncy castle, a treasure hunt underwater and some paddle board races.

We have started a new tradition at the International School of Phnom Penh, the #ISPPPHEWeek.

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