Department of Education Addresses Misrepresentations of Comprehensive Health Education Standards

As health education becomes the latest target of sections of the community we have seen an increase in the number of attacks on the provision of comprehensive sex education, which somehow also seems to include attacks on SEL practices. As misinformation continues to be spread, it has left educators wondering how they can push back. Thankfully, in New Jersey, the Department of Education has acknowledged the misrepresentations and have made their views clear.

The following text comes from Dan Rice and includes a link to the NJDOE documents, which I highly recommend you check out.

Over the past ten days, New Jersey citizens have become the target of a massive misinformation campaign focused on the sex education indicators in the Standards for Comprehensive Health and Physical Education. This campaign has been replete with falsehoods and other absurdities. Even though many of the falsehoods have been unequivocally debunked, some individuals and media outlets continue to repeat the factually inaccurate information.

The Thrive New Jersey Coalition has been working hard to make sure we utilize all of the resources available to us to get out the truth: sex education saves lives. The New Jersey standards are evidence-based, medically accurate, and age- and developmentally appropriate. These comments from the DOE are the clarification the Governor has called for, and no further interpretation is expected. We hope you will share these documents far and wide to help us in our campaign for the truth about sex education.

You can access the NJDOE document here.

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