Tech in #healthed

FullSizeRender.jpgIncorporating technology in the health education classroom can be simple or sophisticated. SHAPE America’s June Twitter chat focused on infusing both high and low technology to teach and assess students and available resources to increase student engagement. Plus, gave expert tips on classroom management strategies to consider specifically when using technology. If you missed the chat, or need to go back and make notes, you can find it and all previous #SHAPEHealthEd twitter chats archived here.

Of all of the great questions answered in the chat, question 4 was one that I am asked about a lot, and so I thought I would break down what was shared and expand upon it with additional links so that you can use this page as a resource.

As each resource is shared, wherever possible, I have included a link to the relevant page on Common Sense Media which exists as an outstanding site for parents, educators and advocates. They have a whole area dedicated to improving the effectiveness of your teaching through edtech product reviews, quick how-to-videos, and easy-to-implement lesson plans.

Q4: What are your favorite apps that you use with your students? #SHAPEHealthEd

Jeff Bartlett
A4: It’s not an app, but we use G-Suite & Google Classroom daily in class.
A4: We’ve also used EdPuzzle to make videos engaging, and Kahoot to make content reviews.

Kim Ohara-Borowski
A4: Fav. Apps Google Drawings, QR code Reader (scavenger hunts), @MyFitnessPal @Storybird @instagram @Twitter @Wix & imovie

A4: @ThingLink (Poster w/annotations) Video @educreations @YouTube @PowToon @Flipagram Posters @Canva @padlet @remind101

Andy Horne
A4: Calm (stress mgt & mindfulness), Remind, Canvas & Google Drive (for class organization/going paperless), Nearpod (student engagement/interactivity)
A4: Team Shake (quickly create groups), Spotify, BaiBoard (, Canva (poster creation), PolarGoFit (HR monitors), Lifesaver (CPR)

Mrs Lohrman
A4: Instagram for showcasing student work, course promotion, & community connection
A4: Fooducate for the Food Finder with nutritional info, ratings, explanations, & alternative suggestions

To the list above I added Garageband – I use this for making podcasts with my students, which allow them to share their health messages to a range of different audiences. Check out a recent podcast from a group of students that I really enjoyed.  I upload my podcasts to Soundcloud which offers a good level of service for free. I also added Smiling Minds, a meditation app that comes highly recommended by my students, and Student Health 101, an online digital health magazine that my school has a subscription for.

If you are looking for the ultimate guide to tech use for PE and Health teachers you HAVE to listen to this awesome crowd sourced podcast from The PE Geek

Here’s a nice page of health and wellness tech resources


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